Dustin R. Glasner, PhD

Former PhD Student

Now: Postdoctoral Fellow, Chiu Lab, UCSF

Park Ridge, New Jersey

dustin.glasner (at) ucsf (dot) edu


Athena Chin

Former Summer Intern

Now: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Farber Lab, Columbia University

Berkeley, California

cc4195 (at) barnard (dot) edu


some of our former Postdoctoral fellows

Michael Diamond | Now: Professor, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Sujan Shresta | Now: Associate Professor, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Molly OhAinle | Now: Staff Scientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Michael Schmid | Now: Senior Scientist, Humabs BioMed (Vir Subsidiary)

Poornima Parameswaran | Now: President & Co-Founder, Trace Genomics, Inc.

Simona Zompi | Now: Head of Global Innovation and Partnerships, Karius, Inc.

Chanti Polacek | Now: Senior Researcher, Technical University of Denmark

Kaycie Hopkins | Now: Scientist, Verily Life Sciences (Google)

Sumi Paranjape | Now: Director of Biotechnology and Technology Advancement, Vulcan, Inc.

Peter Friebe | Now: Vice-President of Research and Development, Zytogenex, USA, Inc.

Angela Green | Now: Senior Scientist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

some of our former graduate students

Flavia Barreto dos Santos | Now: Senior Researcher, Viral Immunology Laboratory, FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aubree Gordon | Now: Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Nathan Yozwiak | Now: Associate Director, Viral Genomics, Broad Institute

Katherine Williams | Now: Scientific Study Manager, Atreca, Inc.

Hope Biswas | Now: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine

Some of Our Former Visiting Scholars

Alexandros Hadjilaou | Now: Resident, University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany

Felix Loeffler | Now: Group Leader, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany

Some of Our former Lab Staff Members

Mildred Galvez | Now: MD-PhD Student, UCLA-Caltech MSTP

Claire Quiner | Now: Scientific Project Manager, Blood Systems Research Institute

Sara Watson | Now: PhD Candidate, University College London

Michael Jung | Now: RN Case Manager, Sutter Health Oakland

Sarah Killingbeck | Now: PhD Student, UC Davis

Angelo Torres | Now: DVM Student, Midwestern University

Alejandro Ramirez | Now: Staff Research Associate, Huang Lab, UCSF

Taylor Barca | Now: Research Associate, Adicet Bio, Inc.

Andrew Pastor | Now: MD Student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Faraz Modirian | Now: DO Student, Rocky Vista University

Some of Our Former Undergraduate researchers

Jesse Collins | Now: PhD Student, Yale University

Surbhi Trivedi | Now: MD Student, Chicago Medical School

Louis Lau | Now: PhD Student, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Shayna Cave | Now: Master’s Student, Stanford University

Alexander Kim | Now: MD Student, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Sanjana Shah | Now: Master’s Student, Georgetown University

Alexander Chao | Now: Research Specialist, Loh Lab, UCSF

Edwina Tran | Now: Clinical Research Coordinator, Wilson Lab, UCSF

Kalani Ratnasiri | Now: Infectious Disease Initiative Research Associate, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

Maritza Cárdenas | Now: Clinical Research Coordinator, Center for Reproductive Health, UCSF

Jeffrey Shu | Now: Master’s Student, Erasmus+ Programme in Innovative Medicine (IMIM)

Carmel Malvar | Now: Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSF